of staff time is saved
with Phelix


Reduction in patient calls
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of tasks are missed
with Phelix

Streamline Workflows

Phelix Intake Assistant™

Phelix provides automation tools for high-volume clinics and hospital departments to augment cognitive and repetitive workflow tasks, integrating alongside or within the EMR. The intake assistant combines fax automation, call centre automation, booking automation, as well as 2-way SMS patient messaging and robust workflow analytics.

Supercharge Phone Lines

Phelix Telehealth Assistant™

Phelix's conversational AI engine leverages natural language understanding to triage and action admin and clinical requests, by phone, SMS, or a virtual website agent. Phelix is also able to schedule, connect, and auto-bill for secure phone visits, alongside in-person or video-based virtual care. No integration is required, and the entire service can be handled through a single phone line for each physician.

Support the Front Line

Phelix Public Health Assistant™

Phelix enables public health teams & employers to automate COVID-19 screening, tracking, and contact tracing at scale. Suspected cases & employees are periodically assessed by phone, SMS, or on existing web portals, while flagging overdue screenings, or those that require further testing or follow-up.

Actionable Intelligence

Unlock productivity and optimize workflows with data that you're not currently capturing.

Phelix is PHIPA & HIPAA compliant, and our FHIR API's are customizable for any workflow.

Phelix partners with leading healthcare providers and technology partners to automate clinical & public health workflows, while enabling data liquidity required for interoperable and intelligent health systems of the future.

Each of our microservices are available for developers as FHIR API's, and can be seamlessly integrated within any EMR/EHR, health platform or patient app. Patient information and communication for each touchpoint is fully encrypted, audited, and securely stored.

Together, we are using cutting edge technologies to drive new standards in healthcare efficiency, access to care, and patient outcomes.

The COVID-19 outbreak has left public health teams & employers scrambling to meet the demands of screening, testing, and contact tracing at scale.

Join Phelix on our mission towards safely re-opening our society and recovering our economy. Leave us your e-mail below and stay up-to-date on the latest products, news, & updates on the COVID-19 response.